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Tips on how to earn extra money without investment and without leaving home

What do a young intern and a renowned director of a large company have in common? Both are always thinking about how to earn extra money. One more, one less. However, this thought accompanies anyone and everyone. And I’m going to show you how you can earn a good extra income without leaving your home.

Cindy Holland, vice president of original content at Netflix, in a recent interview stated that people spend an average of 2 hours a day browsing the app. If we do a quick count, we arrive at the incredible number of 60 hours per month spent on movies and series.

Not that it’s bad, we here at HeroSpark are passionate about series and we’re always debating the latest happenings, but think about how many things could be done using a small portion of that time. And if these things still made us money? Better yet, isn’t it?

This article is for students who want a little money to go to the movies, people who are unemployed and need to pay their house bills, and for employees who are already established in their companies. Anyway, if you still don’t know how to earn extra money on the internet, this article is for you!

How to earn extra money without having money to invest?

Perhaps this is the first and main question you are asking yourself. Perhaps your goal is not to have extra income, but to have some income. But here’s some very good news: all the tips I’m going to give you don’t require any investment or in some cases, a very low investment.

Many people fail to start their own business or start a side business for lack of funds for the initial investment. However, many activities that can generate a lot of profits do not require high investments in the beginning. In this case, information is missing and not money.

Now that this limiting belief that it’s impossible to make money by investing little has left your head, we can move on!

Produce videos for YouTube

YouTube is the second largest search engine, behind “only” Google. In addition, 95% of Brazilians use the platform, and Brazil is the world’s vice-champion in hours watched. In other words, you will be producing content for millions of people.


That part will depend on you, obviously. The ideal is to have a scene with good lighting, quality cameras, and microphones. However, if initially, it is not possible to invest in this equipment, your cell phone’s camera is enough.

It is also not mandatory that you appear on the screen, perhaps you have drawing skills and can set up an animation channel. In this case, the problems with equipment are ended.

How To Make Extra Money With YouTube

The platform pays its producers in dollars, which is very interesting. In addition, the commissioning method adopted is CPM (cost per thousand), that is, payment is made based on the number per thousand views.

Payouts range from $0.25 to $4.50. If your channel has 5000 views in a month, for example, your earnings will range between $1.25 and $22.50. Normally the amount to be received is in the middle, in our example, it would be around $11.00.

To be able to receive on your Youtube channel, just adapt to these rules:

  • Enable channel monetization;
  • Have 100% author content;
  • Have 1000 subscribers or more;
  • At least 4000 hours watched in the last 12 months; and
  • Good engagement (likes and comments).

It’s viable?

I won’t lie: of the options that will be mentioned here in this text, this is perhaps the most complicated to achieve results. Obviously, getting 1000 subscribers right away is not an easy task, but far from impossible.

In fact, many people who work on YouTube are not 100% dependent on the commissions paid by the platform. They choose to partner with other companies and end up getting paid for it, in return they need to disclose the contracting party in their videos.

However, it is a possibility to consider. Even if the results are slow to show, it is possible to create quality content and engage some audience. Disclosure on social networks will also be very welcome.

Work as an affiliate

Affiliates are people who sell third-party products in exchange for commissions. Affiliate marketing has been growing a lot in recent years here in Brazil, many people are jumping in and creating successful businesses.

The affiliate has a single mission: to sell. Anyone can act as an affiliate, just sign up for an affiliate program, choose a product, and start promoting it. Commissions vary from product to product and can reach up to 80% of the total value of the merchandise.


We can say that the investment is zero!

Firstly, the affiliate works selling an existing product, he has no expense producing something from scratch.

To act in the affiliate market you only need internet access. Therefore, there are no expenses with the rental of physical space, stock, and employee salaries. Even if the affiliate chooses to create a blog or website, there are platforms that do this for free.

Another very interesting factor is the working day. Affiliates don’t need to be in front of their computer 24 hours a day, which allows them to work with other things in parallel.

How to earn extra money by being an Affiliate

When affiliated with a product, each affiliate receives a unique link and it is this link that he will use to promote. Each person can choose how to advertise their product, it can be through blogs, social networks or WhatsApp.

There ate several commissioning models and you must be aware of this when choosing a good affiliate program. Some commissions are made by clicks, others by sales.

Let’s take an example: imagine that you join an online course and start promoting it on your social networks with your unique link. The platform said it would pay 50% of the total course fee for each sale. If you sell three courses worth $200.00 your commission will be $300.00. Very good, right?

It’s viable?

Not that it’s easy money, far from it. However, affiliate marketing can be a very lucrative business. If you understand SEO techniques and know-how to market your product, you can do an excellent job.

Many affiliates choose to create a blog in order to sell and this is very good, it is a long-term job, but the results are extremely satisfactory. However, many others work with Facebook Ads and the results are practically immediate.

Here at HeroSpark, we have a very high-quality affiliate program! Our focus is on online courses and we are experts at that. To date, our platform has more than 100,000 published courses and 620,000 graduates.

Freelance writer

You might be asking yourself: “ how to earn extra money as a copywriter?”. At first, it may seem difficult. However, there are several giant websites that are always looking for people willing to write quality texts.

The Rock Content, the most content marketing company in Brazil, has an area dedicated just freelancers writers. And just to give you an idea: Rock has more than 600 copywriters in its network.


Obviously, you need to know how to write and have a good base in Portuguese. However, apart from that, the only thing needed is a computer to be able to write the texts.

If you can invest in writing courses and content review, it will add a lot to your resume. However, at first, it is not the main thing.

How to earn extra money as a freelance writer

With some research and contacts, you can find several portals looking for copywriters. Earlier we mentioned Rock Content, but it also has 99freelas which is an excellent platform for people who want to work as a freelancer. And, to help, even more, registration is free.

It’s viable?

It sure is. In addition to the large volume of searches by these professionals, with the rise of content marketing , this profession will get more and more demand. If you have the ability and ability to write, you should invest in this area.

Video editor

Remember our first tip was working with YouTube? Well then, he’s back. Many channels hosted on the platform have millions of subscribers and have a frantic video routine. Some content producers release videos daily. Therefore, the demand for people able to edit videos is high.

You can work as a freelancer or join a YouTuber team. In fact, many of these YouTubers make ads looking for professionals on their social networks, stay tuned.


You will need a powerful machine to be able to edit the videos. If your computer is already the latest generation, great. Otherwise, you will have to invest a little to be able to perform at a high level. Content production is frantic and editing needs to keep up with this pace, there are several videos a week.

How to Make Extra Money Editing Videos

Again I’m going to talk about the 99freela platform which is great for people who are looking for sporadic jobs. Another very valuable piece of advice is to keep an eye on social media and videos from the big YouTubers, as they are always looking for editors.

It’s viable?

The freelancer market has been growing a lot in Brazil. Several people earn extra income from this activity and, increasingly, large companies are looking for these professionals.

Added to this comes the great demand for video content. Therefore, it is a market that tends to grow and being ready for that is fundamental.

Be a Producer

Here at HeroSpark, we believe that everyone has something special that makes them experts in some subject. We want to awaken that spark and make this knowledge shared and passed on.

Maybe you’re an expert guitarist, how about setting up an online course with amazing guitar lessons? Or, who knows, a very complete ebook giving tips on how you learned to play the guitar yourself?

The possibilities are endless…


The truth is: it depends. You can produce content in audio (podcasts) or in ebook format, in which case the investment is practically zero. An ebook, for example, can be created, registered, and made available on some platform for sale for less than R$50.00.

However, if you choose to produce content through online courses, which generates much more engagement with the audience, the investment will be a little higher. João Amadio, CEO of VeteduKa, for example, with only R$300.00 created a course that generates more than R$40,000 per month. It was a good investment, wasn’t it?

How to Earn Extra Money Being a Producer

After creating your product, just register it on some EAD platform and it will be ready to be sold. If you are looking for ways to earn extra money, this is a great way!

Content in the form of online courses needs a platform capable of handling the flow of students and all the specifics that a course requires. There are several platforms for courses available on the market, it’s up to you to see which ones suit your product and your pocket.

It’s viable?

“If you have an orange and you exchange it with someone else who also has an orange, each person gets an orange. But if you have an idea and exchange it with another person who also has an idea, each one gets two.”

This was said by Confucius. And, so many centuries later, that thought still makes a lot of sense! If you have the knowledge, why not pass it on? And, even better, to be rewarded for it.

The demand for open and distance courses has been increasing in Brazil year after year. And there is still a perspective to grow much more. Soon, you will be entering an extremely hot market. What are you waiting for to become a Producer?

Do you have the idea for the creation of a product, however, never managed to get it off the paper? The SparkStart will help you to turn this into a highly profitable business.

So, did this text open your mind? I hope so!

The coolest thing is that they are tips on how to earn extra money without leaving your home! However, there are several possibilities on the market. If you want more tips like these, leave them in the comments and we’ll prepare another hot post for you.

Until next time, hero.