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Online Business Formula: Advantages and Disadvantages

The Formula Business Online is an online course on digital marketing affiliates and entrepreneurship, created by Alex Vargas. According to him, its content reaches more than 4.7 million users weekly and its videos have already surpassed the mark of 30 million views. But does the course deliver what it promises or does it just offer an illusion of success? Find out by reading the following article.

What Online Business Formula Offers

The Online Business Formula is made for people who are starting in the world of digital entrepreneurship. Therefore, Alex calls his training content to create your online business from scratch and promises that his course will transform the lives of those who buy it.

The course is divided into 18 modules with video lessons and supplementary materials, as well as free ebooks. Its cost is R$997.00 in cash but is currently at the value of R$581.04 or 12x 48.42.

The main modules provide content on:

Step by step on how to create a digital business from scratch

The Online Business Formula offers all the steps on how to create a digital business from the beginning to the end, entrepreneurship strategies, what’s new and market trends, and how to get results quickly.

How to put the integration strategy to work?

In the modules on how to attract customers to a digital business, it is taught about blogging, email marketing, landing pages, social networks, how the sales funnel works, and other automation to create a flawless system.

How to become an affiliate?

Alex teaches you how to become an affiliate with zero investment in blogs, websites, or lists; how to achieve organic sales; techniques and strategies to raise the student’s level as a professional affiliate.

Build Your Authority Online

Tips are offered on how to create your own online structure, how to produce a professional website, and make your name and brand recognized in the digital environment.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Business Formula

As one of the largest and most complete courses in digital marketing in Brazil, Formula Negócios Online is the target of several reviews on the internet. Accessing Youtube, you can find several feedbacks from people who bought the course. Analyzing these reviews, we found the following advantages and disadvantages in the Online Business Formula course:



The course delivers what it promises when it says it teaches you how to create a digital business at the level

simplest to most advanced. It has a language that is accessible and understandable by lay people.

Efficient support

Formula Negócios Online support has an agile service team that serves through various channels such as e-mail, Whatsapp, Telegram, or through the platform itself.

Lifetime content and always up to date

By purchasing the course, you can access it forever. Module content is frequently updated to suit market trends.


Alex Vargas is not available

Because the course has many students, it is very difficult to talk directly to Alex Vargas and clarify doubts with him about the classes.

very long classes

If you already have more advanced knowledge of digital marketing, video classes will be boring, as everything is explained in detail from the beginning for those who are still beginners.


The cost of the course is very high and not accessible for many people who would like to start entrepreneurs in the digital world.

The results are not that fast

The advertising made by Alex Vargas of his course, suggests that the student will achieve extraordinary results in a short period of time, but if you are looking to achieve results quickly, the course, being extensive, is not recommended.

Now you know a little about the Online Formula Course and are thinking about whether or not it is worth acquiring the Alex Vargas course, right? But don’t make a decision yet!

Let’s show you another alternative for you who want to open your digital business:

Why is SparkStart the right tool for you?

Are you familiar with SparkStart, the digital business acceleration program created by Herospark? Our course is made for you who:

  • Are you tired of having a boss
  • You don’t have free time to spend with your family and friends
  • You earn little for how hard you work
  • Has knowledge in some areas but cannot make money with it on the internet

SparkStart was created from the knowledge of Rafael Carvalho, co-founder and COO of Herospark. Rafael has over 16 years of career in the world of digital entrepreneurship and his method is already tested and approved in the market.

With Sparkstart, you’ll finally know the right way to go to succeed with your business that started from scratch. Our course is based on 4 main points:

  • Get your idea off the paper
  • Structure your digital business
  • Create your successful digital product
  • Start having your first sales

In other words, with SparkStart you will learn:

  • How to build a digital product
  • Identify your expertise
  • Build Your Authority
  • Create your first offer
  • Create a Webinar
  • Use Digital Marketing Techniques