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 Marketing for the luxury real estate market

Luxury real estate marketing is similar to general real estate marketing, except that the way in which licensed real estate agents to deal with “luxury” properties, and the way they manage and reach the client of this target, is very different from that of traditional agents.

In fact, real estate agents specializing in luxury real estate must be prepared to offer a concierge service with equally high-end customer interaction to close the deal, and it is also important that the brand reflects an elegant and prestigious image.

As for the concierge service, due to customer requests, real estate agents must engage in a 360 ° customer assistance service which, in addition to personalized gifts and gadgets, sees the provision of the professional 24 hours a day. , 7 days a week.

These types of offers must necessarily be made evident on the website of the real estate brand, on the manned social and social media channels, and in any other advertising tools.

High-end agents should therefore also be aware of the fact that for luxury real estate marketing, it is necessary to spend quite a lot of capital to earn as much.

To be successful in luxury real estate marketing, you will need to focus on some key points such as:

  • The positioning of your real estate brand online and in-person
  • Creating high-end marketing channels
  • The correct distribution of advertising, exploiting high-quality lead-nurturing resources, evaluating the results and optimizing the process in the best possible way

As you well know, luxury real estate marketing is this and much more. If you’re wondering how to make the most of the power of storytelling and social channels for your real estate brand, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we at taj residencia housing society will walk you through the 10 basic steps to attract the right buyers with marketing for the luxury real estate market.

Marketing for the luxury real estate market: 10 fundamental steps to attract the right buyers

Nowadays, an effective marketing plan in the luxury real estate market requires a comprehensive and targeted media strategy, which includes the use of different media and different resources.

Below, we show you how to make the most of a marketing project that was created specifically for the luxury real estate. Here are the 10 key points:

  1. Position your luxury real estate brand
  2. Identify your clientele
  3. Establish your marketing channels
  4. Create your luxury website
  5. Launch your social channels
  6. Tell the story of your properties for sale
  7. Show the benefits the property can offer
  8. Inform buyers about the home’s smart and high-tech functions
  9. Talk about the neighborhood where the property is located
  10. Show the property through virtual tours and 3D renderings

We continue step by step.

1. Position your luxury real estate brand

The key to positioning your luxury brand is to create an impression of prestige and exclusivity, both in terms of your clientele and the types of properties you represent.

There are different ways to do this, but we advise you to start by considering training courses or specialist marketing consultancy in the luxury real estate market, in order to be able to identify your target audience, evaluate the competition and identifying the best ways to ensure quality leads.

2. Identify your clientele

To correctly identify the target customer profile for your real estate marketing plan, you need to identify the types of habitual behaviors of your audience. This way you can create the right content for your advertising. Here’s what you should know:

  • Age and gender: This data informs the real estate agent about the type of language used in their age group, their social norms and what kinds of trends they follow in society.
  • Buying behaviors and interests: These factors will give the real estate agent a general idea of ​​what potential buyers are looking for in a luxury property and how to meet their expectations for a possible purchase.
  • Marketing channels referred to: the marketing channels used by customers are the primary sources of information and communication. In most cases, high-end clients read prestigious real estate magazines and belong to exclusive online networks. Knowing these specifics allows agents to put their marketing messages in the right places.

These are essential parameters for creating perfect marketing and advertising strategy for your brand and attracting the right range of buyers.

Once you have aligned your luxury real estate marketing plan effectively and targeted your audience, the result will undoubtedly be satisfying and will inevitably lead to a substantial increase in leads and, ultimately, in sales.

3. Establish your marketing channels

Your brand marketing channels are the tools with which you inform, communicate and advertise your real estate brand to your potential clients.

Your brand should guarantee prestigious and exclusive offers. That’s why you should create well-structured, professional-looking landing pages.

The landing page is where users are directed after clicking on your ads. They are usually created to showcase individual properties, represent your brand, and allow potential buyers to learn more about the properties for sale.

In addition to providing pictures and information about the properties, make sure it is easy and intuitive for visitors to enter their contact details to find out more.

We recommend that you include a simple form that only asks for basic contact information – such as your name, phone number, and email address – to make sure it can be completed quickly.

4. Make your own luxury website

The design of your website must reflect the prestigious character of the luxury real estate market, it also aims to provide information on properties for sale and offer valuable content to attract the right clientele.

For this reason, it becomes essential to use the best resources and the most efficient tools to identify where users click and focus more: therefore in which pages they spend the most time and how they interact with your website in general.

5. Launch your social channels

Social media, for luxury real estate marketing, should represent the quality of your brand. Below, we list the main social platforms for high-end real estate marketing:

  • Facebook: A real estate Facebook page helps real estate agents build their brand and build a following to their properties, with keyword-optimized posts and targeted ads
  • Instagram: Using Instagram in real estate means giving agents the ability to connect with high-end buyers with images and videos
  • LinkedInLinkedIn real estate leads are extremely beneficial, as high-income professionals tend to be very active on this channel

In addition to social channels, we recommend that you devise an ad hoc email marketing plan . This tool makes it much easier to reach and connect with thousands of people simply and directly.

6. Tell the story of your properties for sale

Each home has a unique and personal story that could hide interesting details, as well as information that could attract buyers and thus serve as a pick for sale in a luxury real estate marketing campaign.
Therefore, before starting an advertising campaign, you need to ask the seller about the history of the house. In addition, it might help to ask neighbors and locals some questions – those who have lived in the area for a long time may know valuable information.

7. Show the benefits the property can offer

To sell a luxury property, a real estate agent must accentuate the benefits of the latter and how these will improve the life of the potential client.

Therefore, it is essential to paint an exclusive image of the home, highlighting its salient features and transforming them into captivating images regarding the exclusive daily experience that the owner will be able to live if he decides to buy the property.

8. Inform buyers about the home’s smart and hi-tech features

The terms smart and high-tech, as well as that of home automation, in the field of housing, have become synonymous with luxury. The smart and high-tech components, in fact, provide unique characteristics to the property and make life more comfortable and sustainable.

Specifically, these systems concern lighting, heating, ventilation systems, electronics and safety devices.

Therefore, to attract potential buyers, it is important for the agent to present these features on ads, blogs and social channels using photos, 3D renderings, animations and videos.

9. Talk about the neighborhood where the property is located

Those looking for luxury properties expect the area to allow them to lead an exclusive and comfortable lifestyle.

This is why it is important to immediately inform customers about what the neighborhood has to offer in terms of logistics, services, entertainment, etc …

This means that the real estate agent, in addition to being aware of every detail regarding the property, should be able to provide as much information as possible regarding the area in which the property is located.

Also, in this case, storytelling proves to be the most ideal tool for effective communication, capable of attracting and informing potential buyers.

10. Show the property through virtual tours and 3D renderings

Those who sell land or property under construction may argue that the narrative is not for their market. How can an ad tell a story when there is nothing to take a picture of?

3D rendering, virtual tours, and animations can be counted among the main luxury real estate marketing tools. This is because they are able to recreate any type of property in real quality, based on drawings and references of various types. In particular:

  • The 3D renderings show the exteriors and interiors of the building in detail
  • 3D virtual tours allow the public to virtually visit and explore the property with a simple click or zoom, or with a change in viewing angle
  • The 3D animations are short digital films that show the future home from inside and outside, even in different time and climatic slots

Marketing strategies in the luxury real estate market: everything you need to know

In this article, we have shown you how it is possible to create a targeted marketing plan in the luxury real estate market, positioning your brand in a workmanlike manner and using the major social channels to attract target customers.

You will have found that storytelling – through blogs and social media – associated with the latest 3D visualization trends, proves to be the best formula for luxury real estate marketing.

Selling exclusive properties requires the creation of a real narrative on the ideal life that the potential buyer will have by buying the property, and promote it using all channels.

Luxury housing requires far more advanced marketing strategies than standard real estate marketing. It is therefore essential to devise a targeted plan for your brand and it is equally important to know the real estate sector, a field in constant evolution.