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Ideas for a creative real estate marketing strategy

If you think your real estate marketing strategy does not differ much from that of your competitors, and you feel the need to renew it in order to achieve better results, then you are in the right place. Below we will show you some creative and effective ideas that are sure to give new energy the classic elements of a real estate marketing strategy

Numerous licensed real estate agents have continued to market their businesses in the same way for some time now. Even worse, many of them adopt real estate marketing strategies that are almost identical to those of their competitors. If you feel called into question on both counts, we are ready to bet that your marketing strategy will look more or less like this:

1. Enter properties for sale or rent in a real estate or MLS portal.
2. Buy commercials in local magazines and newspapers.
3. Spend the weekends organizing Open Houses.
4. Contact previous brokers or clients for references.
5. Email your contact list.
6. Insert the properties for sale or rent on your website or on the manned social platforms.

Now, don’t get me wrong, some of these tactics are completely necessary, but if they aren’t combined with some creative twist, then your real estate marketing strategy could lose its vitality.

That said, our advice is to stop relying on the same boring marketing strategies. Take some time to get to know your target business in order to optimize your creative approach.

The ideas that we propose below are absolutely unique and new, and we are ready to bet that you have not used them yet. So you have no more excuses, stop adopting the same boring strategy over and over again.

Creative tips

There are two key elements you need to keep in mind when it comes to marketing:

– What your customers want.
– What you can offer to your customers.

A good agent must, of course, be able to combine the two sides of the coin and must do it extremely well. Any small lack or weakness in this area will surely make your customers, current and above all potential, run by other agents of your competitors.

Since property selling and renting is the foundation of your career, we will focus on sharing unique real estate marketing strategies that allow you to promote and sell your properties effectively and efficiently. The adoption of strategic elements that go outside the box could be what you need to gain a much-coveted competitive advantage over other agents.

1. Seeing is believing

Don’t you find it odd that the biggest purchases we make in our lives are mostly done “blindly”? Before spending tens of thousands of euros on a car, you usually have the chance to try it out. We can touch it and feel it with our hands.

Why couldn’t all of this be possible even for something for which hundreds of thousands of euros will be spent? Yes, it’s true, a great help in this sense is given by the Open Houses, in which the customer enters a house, takes photos and creates a concrete idea of ​​his future. But sadly, all of this comes only partially close to the experience of actually living inside a particular apartment.

In this case, services such as Airbnb can come to the aid of the buyer , which sometimes allow the most qualified potential customers to stay a couple of nights in the apartment they are particularly interested in, to experience first-hand what it means to live in the new home. . In practice, the current apartment owner will need to make their apartment available through their Airbnb account.

Your role, in this case, is precisely to help owners by providing them with adequate support: the process is very similar to that of placing your ads in a real estate portal, indeed, if possible, even simpler!

Why should it work? Buying a house is a decision strongly linked to emotions and feelings, so what better way to stimulate the right emotions than by providing a real 360 ° experience of the apartment, in order to experience what their life will be like even before buying it? This real estate marketing strategy could also prevent any loss of time due to buyers who are not really interested in a specific property.

Offering this type of opportunity to your customers not only demonstrates your ability to take advantage of new technologies, always keeping you at the forefront, but also proves that your interests go far beyond making the maximum profit from the sale of an apartment. Ultimately, it demonstrates your willingness to find the perfect person / family for a given home . This will allow you to increase trust not only in the agent-buyer relationship (do you want more advice on managing relationships with your customers? Click here !), But also in the relationship that develops between the agent and the owner.

2. Make them befriend their surroundings

Often the peculiarities of a neighborhood and the services present in a particular area can help you sell a house better than any other aspect. The main problem, in this case, is that potential buyers do not know the neighborhood well and therefore have a lot of difficulty in imagining what their life could be like in this new area.

Similar to what we have seen above, leveraging new technologies allows you to offer your potential buyer a unique, real, and profound service and experience. How do you go about putting all this into practice? Use apps like Uber and TheFork to offer your customers an unforgettable experience in what will be their future home neighborhood. Everything is much simpler than you might think: thanks to TheFork you can book a lunch or dinner for your customers, and in the meantime also organize transport to the chosen place through the service provided by Uber.

And why, even then, should it work? Only very few buyers take the time to explore a certain area before buying or renting a new apartment. For this reason, there is no better way to start getting to know a neighborhood than to go out for a nice dinner without having to worry about figuring out the right way to get to the restaurant and without the risk of getting lost all the time. Furthermore, the fact that your customers are not driving the car will also allow them to notice details of the neighborhood that they would otherwise never have seen.

This real estate marketing strategy, like the previous one, not only demonstrates your technical skills but also demonstrates your real interest in the customer, searching for both the right home and the right neighborhood.

o your real estate marketing strategy. Are you ready to try something new?

3. Make them feel part of the community

One of the main emotional barriers that arise when buying a home is the worry and insecurity of not feeling accepted within a new community. An effective way to help potential customers become part of the neighborhood is, for example, by organizing a meeting via the MeetUp app on the property for sale, in order to allow current community members to share useful tips for improving the neighborhood. neighborhood itself.

Also in this case the procedure is very simple: access the application and create your “meetup”, invite the people you want, making sure to include their future neighbors together with your customers, as well as the most relevant members of within the community.

Why should it work? Despite the many ways that exist today to meet and create relationships with the rest of the world, some people still find it difficult to develop relationships with others, especially if they are catapulted into a completely new and unfamiliar place.

The organization of these meetings will ensure that your customers are fully immersed in the reality of the neighborhood, thus managing to develop a good knowledge of the people who live there and the main dynamics that characterize it. All this will certainly play a fundamental role in the sale of the house : organizing a “meetup” in the property you are selling could not only create the right atmosphere to insert your customers within a certain community, but your way of working could also arouse the interest of some neighbor, who could unexpectedly become your customer. So consider this real estate marketing strategy as a real business card !

4. Maximize opportunities

Have you ever spent whole days waiting in vain for customers in your Open Houses, organized with so much effort, but without obtaining the desired results? I guess in many cases the answer is yes: it doesn’t matter how good you are from a marketing point of view, but this little inconvenience will have happened to you at least once in your real estate career.

Fortunately, however, we can offer you a brilliant idea to maximize the results of this type of event. More often than not, there are people out there looking for places or spaces to hold events, for example, to showcase and sell their artwork. You could therefore seize the opportunity, creating a collaboration with these subjects: define a rental price for the venue, define your guidelines regarding the organization of the event and that’s it!

Obviously, we recommend that you choose events that may be of interest to your potential customers in some way. But that’s not all: once you’ve organized everything you will also have to promote it properly, and in this case, applications like Where’s Up come to your rescue, which allows users to find all the events in their vicinity.

Why should it work? Beyond the secondary benefit of generating profit from renting the space, you’ll also get generous marketing support from those you partner with organizing the event. In fact, it is also in their interest to make sure that as many people as possible participate. Furthermore, all these visitors could become your customers, showing interest in the property for sale, or otherwise activate a positive word of mouth mechanism by actually expanding your portfolio of potential customers.

The amazing thing about this real estate marketing strategy is that basically there is someone else doing most of the work for you, bringing people to your property for sale. Your main concern, once the space is rented, is that every visitor receives information about the property.


All of these real estate marketing strategies can greatly benefit your reputation as an agent. They are creative ideas, which are meant to push you beyond your comfort zone when it comes to selling a particular property.

We are aware that many of our readers will probably not want to follow these little tips, but if you prove to be a particularly innovative real estate agent and know how to put them into practice, then you will see that the results will be amazing and never seen before!