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How to create your own successful online course business?

Entrepreneurship with online courses is one of the biggest opportunities in the market for those who want to start their own business. With the advancement of technological resources, people began to behave differently based on new consumption patterns and habits. In this process, even education was impacted.

Distance education, in turn, is increasingly evident in this scenario. By offering online courses with a certificate of completion, remote education enables exponential business growth that traditional face-to-face classes do not offer.

Thus, investing, knowing how to create an online course and opening a business in the area is a unique opportunity to build your own digital business and not necessarily have a high investment because of it.

Want to know how to build a successful online course business? Read on!

Is it worth investing in the online courses market?

The demand for online courses with a certificate of completion is increasingly in evidence in Brazil. It has increased significantly in recent years and, according to surveys, 48% of Brazilian Internet users have already taken some class in this format.

Added to this fact, due to the economic crisis that Brazil is still in, many professionals in the labor market are seeking a more accessible way in distance education. At the same time, the dynamic in financial terms of being able to acquire new knowledge and skills in an increasingly competitive scenario.

With this strong increase in demand, new opportunities arise from the offer of online courses, considering that the possibilities of segments and focus of activities are endless. The distance learning market was never seen as a great opportunity as it is being in the Digital Age.

What are the advantages of creating online courses?

The advantage of creating an online course seems obvious, but it never hurts! First, because nowadays, time seems to be very short in the face of so many needs. You must agree that for a young mother to study, work and even take care of a baby is not a simple task, especially when the person needs to move to the study environment.

We cite just one example, but how many other people are also unable or unable to move to a physical teaching environment — such as an institution housed in a particular neighborhood?

Note that through ODL, there are no barriers with Distance Learning. Whether for the young mother, the businessman who needs to specialize, or the boy who needs more knowledge.

From home, they can access the content. Learning through online courses, therefore, becomes the best strategy in the mission of learning and certifying new knowledge.

For this reason, learning how to create online courses becomes so critical. In times of crisis, although there is a lot of demand for trained professionals, the labor market does not have enough vacancies to accommodate everyone. Thus, the lack of opportunities is noticeable when thinking about formal jobs.

Thinking this way, you come to understand how creating successful online courses solves problems and brings solutions in general, both for those who create them and for those who benefit from them.

For example, some of the best-selling courses today are those that teach languages ​​in a few months. Note that the need for online courses is very frequent, which makes a great competitive advantage for teachers, lecturers, lawyers and other professionals who wish to apply training, contribute with their skills and abilities and still have a financial return based on it.

How to create your own online course business?

Now that you understand the context a little better, we’ve listed a few steps to follow to help you learn how to build your own successful online course business.

Online course planning

People from the most varied market niches make the mistake of ignoring planning or not dedicating enough to it in the initial stage of a project. Making a mistake at this stage can become one of the main reasons for your business’ failure.

Therefore, it is important that you pay due attention to this moment to avoid falling into the error of not being able to make your business work. How do you expect to be successful in a business if you don’t organize yourself and know the market in which you want to operate in-depth?

How to create online classes without planning?

Knowing how to set up online courses concerns one of the most crucial moments in this process: planning. Before you start producing content, it is important that you define the guidelines for your business as a whole so that you know what path you want to follow from there.

What’s more, you need to have a well-established plan for the next steps you’ll take right after creating an online course and opening it. This step is essential in this regard. Be sure that by defining these points, the next steps in construction, management and marketing will become much easier.


Knowing your potential student is of utmost importance. By analyzing information about your persona — such as what their aspirations are, their greatest desires, what they’re after — you have everything you need to know to impact and win those people.

At this stage, you need to be very critical and really look deeply into the problems and concerns of your potential audience. This information will be used in your favor when you create your online course.

Here it is important and essential that you put yourself in your student’s shoes and ask yourself what you expect with your product, what you would like to see, what you would not like to get, among other relevant information.

Therefore, before thinking about how to set up an online course, it is essential that you have a complete sense of who your potential audience is. That way, it will be much easier to impact you with your content and the way you get to it.

Knowing what your product has to offer, you need to map out what pains it solves. The definition of persona can be something a little more complex than that of the target audience, considering that it involves the mapping of behaviors, pain, in addition to very specific information, such as professional background, region and age.

Market and competition analysis

Another very important point that you should pay attention to even before creating an online course is to know who is already venturing into the niche market chosen by you.

As in any business, it is essential that you, as an entrepreneur, have a good sense of the market you will penetrate, as well as the competitors that will compete for your potential student’s attention.

So, before knowing the best ways to create an online course, do good market research and think about the segment you will choose to focus on your business. This is very important for your future and success may directly depend on your choice.

For example: if you are thinking of creating an English course, it is very important to assess who are the people or companies that are already offering content in this market. Here, it’s nice for you to assess which methodology is being used and list strengths and weaknesses.

To help you out, it’s nice to think about asking yourself various types of questions about some subjects. Try to answer some other questions, such as:

  • What is the most explored market?
  • Are there any unworked opportunities?
  • What are the main courses offered by the competitor?
  • What differential can I have?

Before thinking about how to create an online course, try to extract everything that works from competitors and try to do better in your business so that you will have an excellent result in the future. But, of course, this process is not a simple “copy and paste”, but a strategic process in search of a market differential in order to stand out.

In short, knowing the market you are going to enter is crucial to your success. List all market players and highlight their main differentials and think about how you can surpass them in terms of service. Do this homework and you will know how to make decisions in a much simpler and more efficient way.

Setting objectives and goals

Once you know how your competitors operate, how the market is working and the behavioral profile of your potential students, you also need to define very clearly and objectively your main objectives and goals as a business.

As we’ve talked about before, the mission of knowing everything about how to create an online course is not just limited to content production. Defining your goals is a very clear example that you need to assimilate to know whether or not your strategy is effective.

The definition of objectives and goals when planning an online course is essential for you to simply assess the results that your digital business will provide. This must be aligned and defined before you can create your lessons.

Where do you intend to go? What result do you want a year from now? How many students do you plan to have in 6 months? And in a year? How much profit do you intend to make from the business?

The possibilities for setting goals can be enormous, but setting them will give you a real sense of direction for your business as a whole.

For each objective, it is interesting to create smaller goals that will facilitate your control and that will help you organize your efforts towards achieving a certain objective. This is considered essential for you to have practical and efficient results in the process of creating an online course.

Content structuring

After learning about the main subjects to be used to create an online course, in addition to defining which themes are being worked on by other schools, it is time to define the content structure of your course.

Here you have already studied your target audience, your market, your competition and are ready to produce your content. However, before actually producing it, it is important that you segment your material.

Then you will need to specify which topics and subtopics will be part of your course. It is the moment when you will organize your course. From what you defined as a priority, list the main points that will serve as a guide for your students’ learning process.

Ideal time for video classes

First of all, it is essential to remember that an online course has some differences from the traditional face-to-face course, one of which is that the duration of video lessons should be shorter so as not to tire the student.

In these cases, it is common that the teacher and the student do not have completely direct interaction and there are no break periods, as the content is properly recorded and edited. The idea is that the workload of content is smaller and, for this reason, the course script should be prepared and organized with this in mind.

Therefore, it is important that you structure all the themes and subjects that should be covered in each online course. Use a methodology that can guarantee the student’s concentration, as the digital environment itself diverts the student’s attention more easily.

In addition, the idea is to divide classes into modules to better organize the information in the students’ minds and think of a simple way to offer this content through video classes. Thus, the general organization of the course must contain an ideal of workload for each course, module or category and, preferably, even an average definition of the time of each class.

The time considered sufficient for a content is what manages to convey, in a clear and dynamic way, the proposed message without losing quality. Currently, one of the things that students value most is speed and ease. So make a good script that doesn’t get too engrossing or require unnecessary student time.

The objective of these strategies in teaching methodology, and the ideal separation of materials and content, is to establish an order in which information will appear and impact your students, always adding knowledge.

This is very important to ensure the motivation and engagement of students in non-presential courses.

Content production

The content production step is considered by many people as one of the biggest challenges in the process of creating an online course. For those who want to save time and are able to outsource this service, there are several quality companies on the market that can do this job for you.

However, it is possible to create your own content and with the same quality. After all, nobody better than yourself to know the subject to be transmitted. However, to efficiently produce content for online courses, it is necessary to follow some recommendations that will, for sure, make your job easier.

Material preparation

The first step in starting to produce content for online courses is to prepare for it. Knowing the topic completely is essential for you to be able to convey the most important points accurately and directly.

To do this, you can—and should—do internet research on the topic to get inspired and see how your competitors are approaching a particular subject or class. Be careful not to just copy the content.

Ideally, use this as a way to check how content is being handled by other institutions. In this way, it is possible to act in parallel to this, always seeking to do better than what you saw, always focusing on what your student would like to be impacted. Think about it before creating an online course.

Content structuring

After knowing the main subjects to be used to create an online course, in addition to defining which themes are being worked on by other schools, it is time to define the content structure of your course.

Here you will have to specify which topics and subtopics will be part of your course. It is the moment when you will organize your course. From what you defined as a priority, list the main points that will serve as a guide for your student’s learning process.

In short, it is necessary to establish an order in which information will appear and impact your students, always prioritizing coherence and relevance in this process.

Specific content production for online courses

After structuring the content in a simple and easy-to-understand way, it’s time to actually produce the content. Now it’s much more practical for you to start producing your content before creating an online course.

It is important at this stage to always think about the student who will consume your content. Will he like the way the information is being presented? Is the content easy to absorb?

Defend your arguments strategically. Use clear, practical examples to attest to your authority on the subject. Also always try to diversify the way you approach certain content, including exposing external references. Encourage, whenever possible, interactivity.

Does your video have a well-defined objective accompanied by a solution for a particular case? You must be very careful, as this part is essential for the success of your online course. My tip is to work with short videos and offer additional possibilities for content consumption.

The production of video lessons needs to be done efficiently, as it will guarantee the quality of your course and, consequently, will measure the success of your business. Thus, choose the best video recording equipment, added to programs for editing images.

Prioritize the quality over the number of minutes of a video and always review the content to eliminate possible errors or inconsistencies. Also, never forget the following sentence: content is king.

Complementary materials

As we said, as much as many people link an online course to video classes, it is important to offer their students additional content possibilities. Therefore, in addition to remote classes, it is suggested that you also work with complementary materials.

As examples, we can mention articles, infographics, ebooks, documentaries, among others. Invest in complementary materials as a way to ensure your student’s total learning and make him diversify his knowledge based on differentiated solutions.

How to distribute courses online?

Now that you have everything ready, it’s important to think about which way makes the most sense for you to put your course into practice. Are videos on YouTube? Live video calls?

You can also choose to host this content on a digital entrepreneurship platform, where you’ll be able to sell your courses and monetize them. HeroSpark is the complete solution for anyone who wants to create and distribute courses online.

How to choose the platform to upload your course on the web?

To upload your course on the internet, you need to make sure you have chosen a safe environment that has practical, easy and intuitive access. It is important that monetization is made possible in an intelligent way, precisely with the management of users and interaction with course participants must also exist in an accessible way.

In addition, it needs to promote a good integrated video structure on the platform. This is one of the details that help define the quality of distribution of your materials. Therefore, the range needs to be able to work on different devices and in different situations.

Furthermore, an interesting step to strengthen the institution’s visual identity is the customization of the final page layout. This makes the content approach more interactive.

Another tip is to check if the platform will have mobile support since the use of smartphones and tablets by students to access the internet is increasing, as it promotes ease and good logistics, as they can use them wherever they are.

Don’t forget to make sure the site is prepared to offer quality playback of videos and documents on all devices, whether mobile or other options. These steps are essential to ensure that all content is made available in the best way, resulting in the growth and scope of your business.

Depending on the case, it may be necessary to hire a designer to think and create the visual identity with colors and conversion, as few have the specific knowledge to develop this.

From this perspective, a very valid option to facilitate monetization and sales of courses would be to hire a specialized company to take care of this, such as HeroSpark.

How does hosting an online course at HeroSpark work?

First, it should be noted that HeroSpark is the most complete solution in Latin America. It has everything your digital business needs in one place, with real results, no matter the size of your business. With it you can easily create your infoproducts and launch your pages, webinars, e-books or sales funnels for free.

For people who want to create high-impact businesses, the platform is complete for digital entrepreneurship. HeroSpark unites professionals who want to teach with anyone who wants to learn and, thus, turns desire into reality.

By hosting your course on HeroSpark you can have your online course, e-book or mentorship approved right away. And, even better, with the creation of pages, automation of e-mails and faster launching of your product with the pre-made templates offered by the company, without having to worry about computing or integration of various tools.

In addition to all these advantages, your course is published in a 100% secure, stable and user-friendly way. Use videos, audios, PDFs and more with automated delivery of digital certificates and integrated checkout – they use the most current conversion tactics in the market – so you can charge and receive payments with total security. Learn more here!

Want to see how simple it is to post a course online on HeroSpark? Watch the video below:

How to advertise online courses?

Have you already decided how you will make your course available to the public? Excellent! But have you ever stopped to think about how to make this audience become students?

Once you’ve created an online course, outreach should be your focus. Well-structured and executed outreach is almost as important as the course content itself. It is useless to have rich, complete and quality content if no one can reach it and benefit from what is offered.

And it doesn’t take a lot to reach your audience. Social networks are still a very effective way of disclosure. If you already have a base of registered email addresses, email marketing can be a good option too.

And another way to attract potential customers that is on the rise is through Inbound Marketing with Content Marketing. There are several ways you can make your online course known. Study each one and see which one fits your strategy best.

The Difficulty of Creating Successful Online Courses

The big difficulty in creating successful online courses is that most people will be wary of buying it initially. That’s because they don’t know your reputation or the quality of your work.

The best way to overcome this initial hurdle is to offer the course at a lower price, at least in the beginning. In addition, you should also start creating authority in your work, through social media, YouTube or in person.

After a while, you will have gathered testimonies and samples of the results your course has promoted. Use this data in disclosure, such as Social Proof, to increase your product’s credibility and then sell it at a fair price.

How to improve the quality of online course creation?

If you are interested in learning how to create quality online courses, you will need to have the help of virtual tools that facilitate their development process.

It is clear that, at first, their courses will undergo a process of adaptation by the public and the creation itself. Student feedback will provide the most essential tips for improvement, as they will be the most trusted source of pertinent criticism and suggestions.

In addition, you can also act in other ways to excel:

  • Communicate directly with other online course creators;
  • Maintain a dialogue with more experienced people in this field;
  • Apply everything you learn to improve the quality of online course creation;
  • Integrate assessments;
  • Create engaging and stimulating lessons;
  • Use physical resources to illustrate the videos;
  • Keep the language according to the course;
  • Innovate and be creative in the preparation of virtual classes.

See how creating an online course isn’t as difficult as it sounds? Setting up online courses requires a lot of work and dedication. It is necessary to plan very well for this, and if you follow this step by step you saw here, your work will be much more assertive and intelligent. This way, you will save time and money in the process.

Put into practice the tips and actions suggested in this article and start working your business in a well-planned and structured way! This way, it will be much easier to achieve the best-expected results.

Do you still have any questions about creating online courses, new suggestions or want to chat about your digital business project? Leave your comment below or contact our team of experts.