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Everything you need to know to earn extra income on the internet

If you are looking for ways to earn extra income online from the comfort of your own home, you are in the right place. In this article, we’ll teach you how to generate extra income through social media, digital marketing, content production, and other important tools. Read on to find out!

Currently, most people use the internet and social media actively. There are people who started using it at the beginning, 20 years ago, others 10 years ago, and there are also those who have recently entered the digital world.

Amidst all these transformations, the so-called “ influencers ” emerged, with their blogs and profiles that brought fame, opportunities and even extra income! Most became digital entrepreneurs and made extra income on the internet one of their main sources of income.

What is extra income?

Do you know when the end of the month comes and you notice that the account doesn’t close? At that moment, someone arrives and says: “you have to reduce costs and save”. That’s when the extra income comes in.

Extra income is that money you earn in addition to your salary, it is an alternative income. In general, people opt for this way of profiting when they have a complicated financial life or want to undertake a new professional or personal project.

The internet presents several tools for those looking to generate extra income. It is possible to start earning money from scratch with just a few skills like writing or photography. There is also the opportunity for those who have used or new products to sell in their own online store, on social networks, or in a public marketplace.

An important point to be clarified is that the gain from these activities, even if it is an alternative, in order to guarantee an extra income, must also be declared by law. In other words, digital entrepreneurs must also pay income tax.

If you are interested in learning a little more about this universe and knowing how to earn money from your online content, come understand in this article how you can turn it into extra income.

Content production

As discussed, earning money through content production on the internet is nothing new. No matter the segment, in Brazil we have examples of people who are very well known and started back there with their blogs, about 10 or 15 years ago.

As an example, it is possible to mention Antonio Tabet, Rodrigo Fernandes and Maurício Cid – highlights of humor on the internet. In the beauty segment, the list is even longer: Julia Petit, Jana Rosa, Lia Camargo, Camila Coutinho, among others.

Back when they were bloggers, these people sold advertising space on their blogs and made content about brands. Today, the ways of making money on the internet and making extra income are similar, but there are even more possibilities, and you can do it more independently.

Extra income on the internet

With a reality increasingly immersed in the digital world, the production of content on the internet has intensified a lot in recent years since it began to be done in the “moulds” of content marketing.

The emergence of this term came with the popularization of digital marketing and the aspect of Inbound Marketing. Let’s understand how this works today in practice for internet content producers.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing has become very strong and accessible to people, even those who don’t have a college degree. There are several courses and training for those who want to deepen and become professional in the area.

HeroSpark, for example, provides complete training for you who want to create an online business and make your first sales. SparkStart came up with the proposal to help you get an idea of the role and create a business from scratch.

Due to popularization, one consequence is a significant number of people talking about digital marketing without actually knowing the subject. They disseminate correct concepts, but sometimes wrong techniques. So, be careful, do not reproduce this type of content and do a lot of research before “boarding this wave”.

Bet on content marketing tools to include in your strategy, such as educational materials, for example. It’s a great way to offer your knowledge in exchange for a lead for the infoproduct you’re selling.

Also, there are other ways to offer knowledge as a bargaining chip on the internet, depending on your strategy. Overall, they are valid for attracting potential customers and generating extra income.

Online workshops and webinars

You may have heard about workshops or even attended one. It is a workshop-like type of event as it brings together theory and practice. The difference is that the workshop is more focused on the corporate world and approaches technical knowledge.

Its content is more “compact” than a course and works with a specific topic previously determined. With this, you can gather your knowledge and do it online too, adapting it to some live broadcast platform. It’s a more practical and viable way to reach a large number of people.

The webinar is a seminar in the form of an online conference. The person who will minister is the one who will communicate with your audience. Viewers can also interact with each other or with the “speaker” through chat. It does not have a corporate character. So, the approach to the subjects is broader, being directed to everyone.

This way, the chances of you attracting people who are interested in what you are offering are much greater. It is necessary to have an adequate platform that broadcasts your content in real-time, that is, live. There is no mystery!

Now, if you are knowledgeable enough to develop a course, using online workshops and webinars might not be your first option. Bet on using them as a tool in your digital marketing strategy to attract students to your own online course and thus earn extra income.

Online courses

If you understand a subject very well and identify an opportunity to reach an audience or niche with it, how about creating an online course? No need to be scared. It sounds complex, but just follow a few steps and you will be able to structure your online course and become a digital entrepreneur.

Before thinking about the content production itself, there are other steps that need to be considered in your planning. Follow up!

You already know what your online course will be about. But to whom will it be offered? What will your target audience be? It is very important that you define this point as it will guide you through the rest of your planning. Then do market research and see what your competitors are doing.

It is important to emphasize that you should not copy them, but use this information to gain insights and be inspired to develop your strategy. Then it’s time to get “hands-on” and go into content production.

As the subject is extra income, the idea is that you do not make your course available for free. For this, you can count on some solutions and choose the one that is best for you at the moment. There are three paths that can be followed:

  • Create a course independently: not rely on third parties to make content available or sell it;
  • Create an online course to be an “off-the-shelf course”: making your content available outsourced;
  • Affiliates: people who will sell your course and, in return, will earn a commission for it.

Course on its own

Generally, people who choose this path are the ones who want to start making extra income by creating their brand in the digital market. The course is publicized and distributed by the course owner through its website and/or social networks.

The idea is for him to create an audience that recognizes him as an authority on that subject and for his online course to be a reference. Thus, HeroSpark is the ideal and most complete solution for you who want to create a course independently.

We believe that all people have unique knowledge that makes them experts in something. Therefore, they accompany their clients, also known as heroes, from the beginning of their journeys.

The goal is to offer the best experiences for producers and students through intuitive and adaptable solutions. As its mission, HeroSpark has the motto of turning knowledge into high-impact businesses.

Shelf Courses

The shelf course is a material already developed but made available by/for third parties. In this sense, the main objective is to scale the number of sales of your product. But that doesn’t mean the course shouldn’t be well produced and convey credibility. After all, you can make it available for companies to distribute to their employees, for example.

In short, to explain off-the-shelf courses, think of a book: someone has produced it and made it available to the market, whether on their website or bookstores. As in the case of books, as they are available in different distribution channels, only authors who stand out in the market end up becoming memorable.

It’s hard to get to know the work of all the book authors we see on a bookstore shelf well.

The issue of brand recognition and the building is the big difference that we can highlight between having your course or just producing a course to make available to third parties. With “off-the-shelf courses”, you are escalating your sales, but you are unlikely to get credit for your work.


The affiliate system, or just “affiliates”, works like this: you become responsible for selling a certain course and receive a percentage of the amount as commission for every sale made from you.

The most common is that each affiliate resells from a link that has its own URL. That way, it’s easier to identify your sales to calculate your commission correctly.

With this system, you can choose to have affiliates that resell your course online, making it reach more people and, consequently, your sales are leveraged.

Still, on the affiliate system as extra income, you can just resell other people’s courses from your audience. Ideally, you should choose a niche that is part of your daily life. That way you will have ownership to talk about it.

Infoproduct production

A great source of extra income on the internet is to produce an infoproduct and sell it on your own platform. But what is an infoproduct? It is a non-tangible product, digital information that can be sold or made available as a downloadable file. There are several types: ebooks, handouts, courses, video classes, applications, etc.

The proposal is to solve the problem of who acquires them. If you have specific knowledge or skill that is interesting to share, it’s worth investing in this area. No matter what it is, your knowledge can become a product and generate income for you.

It is even possible to rely on affiliate programs so that several people will promote your product, which can generate good results in terms of revenue. Thus, the affiliate system is not limited to the sale of one type of product and can contribute a lot to the growth of various businesses and entrepreneurs.

Freelance writer

Are you very fond of reading and writing? So, working with content writing for the web can be a good way for you. With the internet becoming more accessible, companies continue to invest in blogs and online portals to communicate with consumers/readers.

Furthermore, the demand for quality content is growing all the time. As a result, many institutions are looking for freelance writers to feed their blogs.

Whoever works with the production of this type of content for the internet is responsible for building articles, newsletters, and ebooks.

Despite being a more common professional activity for those in the area of ​​social communication or letters, there are expert writers trained in the most diverse areas, who found writing an excellent opportunity to work or earn extra income on the internet.

Sale of images

Are you a good photographer? Can’t let a good image go by without a click? So, this tip goes to you, who understands photography. You know those photos you take from time to time, putting into practice various techniques you learned?

Well then, you can use this skill to earn extra income online. There are several websites that mediate between those who want to buy photos and those who sell them. These are called image banks.

You can post your photos on these sites and receive a payment whenever someone buys the right to use them. Professionals from various fields access these platforms in search of photos to include in their creatives. Your photographs could be among one of these!

YouTube channel

YouTube is the leading video-sharing platform. How about using this to your advantage to earn extra income online? Think of a subject that interests you and that you understand well.

Then find out about the best video editing software. Thus, you can produce something of quality and attract views to your channel. Can you imagine the possibilities of monetization?

Channels with a certain number of subscribers can serve ads (those that run before or during videos). Another possibility is to work with affiliate programs referring products. In this case, it is necessary to make it clear that the video contains advertising.

Does the idea of ​​showing up to everyone talking about topics that interest you catch your attention? So, use this possibility to your advantage and earn extra income.

Social media management

Social networks have become fundamental not only for interaction but also for the relationship between companies and customers. This has led firms to resort to people who are in charge of managing their social media.

It may seem like a simple job, which only involves the dissemination of content and exchange with customers. But, in fact, it requires a lot of dedication, as it comprises a series of activities that range from planning the editorial calendar to analyzing metrics.

If you like this world of social networks, specialize and turn it into a job to make you profit. Study digital marketing and social media management and offer your services to companies.

Virtual store

A great way to earn your extra income is to invest in sales without having to leave your home. It is true that it is possible to sell on marketplaces, but having your own store can help create, promote and develop a brand so that it becomes well known in the market.

The first step is to think of a niche that you could work in, something that you identify with and that is in good demand. For this, doing market research can help a lot. Also, choosing a platform that offers a good structure for your store to work is essential.

Setting up an online business can be easier than you think, and this is a good way to earn extra income.


Dropshipping is a business model for e-commerce that eliminates the need for physical inventory. In practice, the entrepreneur opens a virtual store with a product of his choice.

However, in order not to have to invest a significant amount right away, the one used to manufacture a number of products and have a physical space for stock, you establish a partnership with suppliers for dropshipping.

These suppliers produce, store and ship the product to the end customer. As a retailer, you just need to open an online store and focus on selling the product. It is clear that to work in this way, it is necessary to have a platform that offers security and practicality to make the intermediation.

Any questions?

We hope you enjoyed the text and that it was enlightening for your project to earn extra income through the internet without leaving your home.

From now on, you already have several ideas on how to generate extra income and you can start putting them into practice.

Don’t forget that this work model also declares income tax, huh? Until next time, hero!