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 All the secrets of real estate personal branding

The personal property branding is an opportunity that “digital technologies” so dear to us allow anyone, whether they are already structured real estate brands and compounds of various agencies throughout the country, whether we speak of a small real estate agency in a small village made up of none other than its owner. It is a very elementary question: just read our articles and those of the many bloggers and influencers on the net, participate in specific training courses, read some of the many books available on the subject, collect the information, replicate it about yourself and inside your real estate agency, and that’s it.

If you think it is such a simple and consequential operation, you are wrong. Exactly, evidently, the process of learning and applying real estate personal branding must conceal major obstacles in some of its points, if we are to judge its effectiveness from the percentage of real estate operators who have been able, over the last few years, to transform their business into real estate. into a real brand. In fact, there are very few who are committed and who are receiving important results from their personal and agency communication strategy. But because many real estate agents approach the subject of real estate personal branding, understand its enormous potential, study it, inform themselves, discuss with colleagues, prepare to put into practice everything they have learned, but then do not materialize at all. all this? We have tried to identify some reasons.

Overcoming the reasons that lead to renunciation

The main reason why many real estate agents give up communicating correctly and effectively on a daily basis is that they think they do not have enough time and energy available, they are so busy acquiring, visiting, and selling or renting properties, plus all of them. the various activities in support. They recognize and are convinced of how useful good communication with followers and customers is to structure a strong branding strategy, but they give up for a matter of time, without even thinking about extending or delegating the task to their collaborators.

Another rather widespread trigger is the lack of stimuli and motivations. The natural propensity for experimentation and creativity is a gift that can undoubtedly be helpful, especially in the early stages in which concrete results are rarely already seen, in the face of the efforts made in one’s own real estate personal branding strategy. A curious and proactive attitude will certainly help you, but be on your guard and keep it constant during all the planning and implementation phases of your strategy. If you don’t feel creative, it can be useful to surround yourself with people with innate inventiveness, so that they can stimulate you day by day to stay tuned and aligned with your goals .

If, on the other hand, you are among those who desist due to lack of familiarity and propensity to use modern web technologies, remember that yours is probably only a problem of will: a real estate personal branding path does not involve insurmountable technical complexities, but practically all the requisites and the skills are comparable to people who claim to carry out a complex and diversified profession such as that of the real estate agent. This “ancient job” is constantly evolving, now every phase of your daily work can be carried out online, so having a proactive attitude towards new web technologies can only bring you advantages and project yourself into the future (and present!) Of your profession.

Your customers, or prospects, are led to think that if you don’t have time for yourself (and your brand), you probably won’t have time for them either. The right moment to find the time, the energy, the motivation to embark on a real estate personal branding path is right now. By not investing your time in the implementation of an adequate communication strategy, not looking for the right reasons from what and from those around you, not stopping to learn how to juggle the use of new technologies, you will run the risk of losing customers and money. . If you are really prepared and competent, you must also know how to prove it with theories and facts, it must be your brand that speaks for you.

secrets of real estate personal branding

Talk about you

The founder of Stand Out Comunicazione, Gianluca Lo Stimolo, in the context of an interview about real estate personal branding granted to us a few months ago, told us that the mistake that real estate agents often make is to focus too much on the product, in this case, the real estate, and almost nothing on their person.

What element of diversification does your brand have, compared to other real estate agencies, within the property sales announcements on the portals? The margin for real estate personal branding through these channels is undoubtedly very limited, it is understood that even the sale or rental ads on the portals are one of the ingredients to be included in a good corporate marketing mix.

There are other channels through which you can highlight your personality and that of your collaborators and your own brand: tell who you are on your website and on your blog, what your goals are, what worked and what it is instead. gone wrong in your working life, what you have learned from your failures, what are your secrets, what you believe in and what your values ​​are, how you help your collaborators in their personal and professional growth path. There are so many topics to start from when planning your real estate personal branding strategy.

To complete this topic, we report what Gerardo Paterna told us in an interview regarding the management of web reputation in the real estate world: “In the online social media marketplace, the real estate agent must build his reputation bit by bit. This happens through the image he gives of himself, of his profession, of his company. Producing content (texts, photos, surveys, infographics) that is useful to someone increases their credibility. Being generous on the web, rediscovering the ability to freely give a suggestion, advice, to share a useful resource, helps the professional to create consensus. If you create consensus, people come closer and with them the opportunities too ”.

An overview, finally the details …

We have often found that at the root of the failure in real estate personal branding activities there is a total lack of perception of the overall picture of the objectives and strategies that make it up. In fact, in the daily activities of promoting themselves and their brand, many focus excessively on details, completely losing sight of the original goal. For example, professionals usually dwell on the choice of photographs of buildings that are more or less captivating and bright, when the texts of the descriptions of the properties themselves are full of errors and typos; or vice versa they waste hours choosing a nice font to insert in the caption of a video, while the image quality of the video itself is often poor and not very careful.

Never lose sight of the overview of your real estate personal branding strategy. Pay attention to the most macroscopic and fundamental aspects, which really make a difference on how you will be perceived by your audience, without spending precious time on futile and often useless details, which you can instead focus on in the second phase of refinement and optimization.

The 3 phases of real estate personal branding

We have summarized the online promotion of oneself in three fundamental activities :

1) Creation of identity: it is nothing more than the creation of your personal image online through graphic and textual elements that represent you. For example, these are profile photos on your social channels, the bio through which your followers can quickly understand what you do and learn about your background in the real estate sector, photographs that depict you and your staff at work or the territory in which you operate.

2) Content writing: attract the attention of your followers, get emotional and engage them through quality content. We are not just talking about textual content, but about all those images, even photographs and videos, that can arouse something in those who read or observe. This is the most technical and difficult part of your job, but also the most creative, in which you will be called to give vent to all the images you are capable of, combined with the skills acquired in the real estate sector.

3) Care of acquired contacts: creating a good online presence and writing quality content, then advertising them through your social channels, will give you the opportunity to come into contact with many people, colleagues, other professionals, influencers, simply curious, but also many potential customers. Now that the game is done, don’t let them escape, but keep them in touch with you and your brand, cultivate and strengthen your relationship by sending them your newsletters, dedicated content, offers and promotions.

If you excel in managing these three macro-areas of your business, you can say that you are at a good point with your real estate personal branding strategy. At this point you can also dedicate yourself to the attention to details, which are undoubtedly just as important in optimizing and perfecting your personal image online , the important thing is that they do not become a mania that engulfs what are the primary operations.

personal real estate branding

The final check-up of your strategy

To check if you have been able to develop a truly effective branding strategy, we recommend that you ask yourself some simple but essential questions, which will help you to better understand the state of the art of your web presence. We propose some of them:

– What benefits do I think I can bring to those who follow my social accounts and read my content?
– Do I pay enough attention to my followers, interacting with them and meeting their needs?
– Am I always updated and prepared on the main issues that interest my target audience?
– Does the quality of my content satisfy me and give my readers added value?
– Do I enjoy a coherent positioning, combined with a strong and unique message that distinguishes me?
– Do I have an effective system for measuring the results obtained, which makes me perceive what I need to improve?

Through an effective real estate personal branding activity, you must be able to constantly and increasingly generate the trust and perception of competence on the part of your followers and customers, qualities that should distinguish every real estate professional and not. The key is to know how to relate correctly and passionately with the people who follow you and who are interested in your content, looking for help, new proposals and solutions on your blog or on the website of your real estate agency.

If you can answer all the questions we have asked you positively, you can be sure that you will make a difference compared to the vast majority of your competitors in the real estate sector. But be careful not to let your guard down, the digital world travels at such a speed as not to allow anyone to rest on their laurels for too long, indeed it requires constant commitment and dedication. Follow all our advice, a few hours a week or a few minutes a day are enough to develop a truly effective real estate personal branding strategy.