Affiliates: everything you need to know to make money on the internet

Can you imagine seeing money coming into your account while you watch a movie on Netflix? Yes, this is possible. Affiliate marketing is what will make you reach that goal. But do you know what affiliates are?

What are affiliates?

Simply put, affiliates are people who sell third-party products on the internet and earn commissions for the sales they make. That is, his job is to create methods to sell as many units as possible.

The products that can be sold are of the most varied. Including, having a huge amount of infoproducts, that is, 100% digital products. The most common are online courses, trainings and e-books.

Perhaps the term affiliate is new to you. However, this practice has been around for a long time. In the twentieth century, when the auto industry exploded, car dealers were nothing more than affiliates. They sold cars that weren’t theirs and earned a percentage on each sale.

But in the digital environment, this “boom” happened in the mid-1990s, with the creation of Amazon Associates. The American giant started with affiliate marketing in 1996 with the aim of boosting sales of its electronics.

And best of all, the range of options for a digital affiliate is infinitely greater than for a car dealer, for example. Surveys show that approximately 3.6 billion people currently have access to the internet. What other market has an audience equivalent to 47% of the world’s population?

Affiliate Types


In this modality, the affiliate’s concern is to generate material for its audience. Here you need to create a solid audience that needs to be fed new content frequently. And, above all, valuable content.

The affiliate must be a subject matter expert and have some means of disseminating that knowledge. It can be a blog, website, through social networks or email marketing. And it is necessary to generate traffic to these channels, because the larger the audience, the greater the probability of appearing customers.

The downside is that the affiliate can take a while to see the results of their effort. However, if time is spent generating valuable content, it will give credibility to the audience and sales will start to happen.

The affiliate authority is the one who shows his face, in short. He will be producing content and making it available in many different places, thus creating a base of followers that can become customers.

Arbitrator or Investor

In this modality, there is no need for the affiliate to be a specialist. However, it takes financial investment to leverage sales.

The affiliate’s focus is on advertising and fast conversions. It is not necessary to have a blog, nor content generation, much less focus on just one product. All advertising is done through banners and paid advertisements, for example.

The big advantage is that the return comes very quickly. And this return is proportional to the investment made by the manager. The big problem is that sales only stay high while there is an investment in advertising.

The affiliate referee does not need to be in evidence. In reality, people don’t even know who is selling the product. All sales are made through sponsored banners and links that already take the customer directly to the shopping site. Not showing your face can be a good start for people who are still insecure in this environment.

Advantages of being an affiliate

You are your own boss

As much as you go to work selling someone else’s infoproduct, they won’t charge you for results. Your affiliate marketing earnings are directly linked to your effort. Plus, you’ll be able to work whenever and wherever you want.

As your own boss, you can put into practice the techniques you think are most appropriate for your business. You are the one who will create the entire structure of your business.

Low initial cost 

To be an affiliate you don’t need to rent a commercial office, you don’t need an employee or stock. All you need to get started is a way to market the product you are going to sell. Even if you choose to create a website, there are platforms that do this for free. WordPress allows you to create professional websites at almost no cost.

Another factor that further reduces this investment is the fact that you won’t need to create a product, for example. Your mission will be to promote and sell existing merchandise. And if sales aren’t a success right away, you won’t have a loss for having invested a lot in creating something.

In fact, we can say that to work as an affiliate, the initial investment is zero. If you can invest money, great. But if in the beginning, you have the determination and free time, that’s enough.


You don’t need a college degree, just as you don’t need specialized training to be a good affiliate. All information and tips for you to succeed in this medium are available on the internet.


The affiliate does not contact the buyer. Your only responsibility is to educate those who visit your site so that they can make the purchase. Once the visitor clicks on your affiliate link and is redirected to the purchase page, their task is finished.

And what is the advantage of not having to deal with customers? It’s that you can focus 100% of your time on generating more content and, increasingly, increasing the number of buyers. Or, if you’re an affiliated referee, focus on new advertising methods. However, even after that customer makes the purchase, it’s good that you don’t lose sight of him.

But not everything is perfect. As much as the advantages stand out, there are some disadvantages. Perhaps the biggest one is the fact that the results don’t show up so immediately. You will need to dedicate yourself and invest a lot of time to grow in the medium and start getting customers.

As stated before, all the information to become a good affiliate is available on the internet. There needs to be a study in areas such as marketing, traffic generation and advertising. As with any business, getting started is always more difficult. However, in the digital environment, the chances of success are greater.

How to get started in affiliate marketing

Now you know what the job of an affiliate is and you already know all the advantages of working in this area. The next question that pops into anyone’s mind is: where do I start?

Know the market

To work on the internet, first of all, you need to know your working environment. Not necessarily a person who works in day-to-day sales will be successful with internet sales. The digital market has very particular characteristics and it is necessary to take the time to study and understand these differences.

You need to be very clear about how internet sales work, the means that can be used for dissemination, which subjects and products are on the rise. And, above all, know your competitors and think about what you can do differently. With “different”, understand: better.

The good thing about it is that most of this information you can find for free on the internet. There are several blogs and YouTube channels talking about digital marketing, with just a few clicks you can find them all.

Choose a niche

Choosing a niche is a very important decision! Niche is the area in which you will act and this is directly linked to the audience you want to impact. To be able to choose a niche, it is necessary, above all, to think about three things: passion, knowledge and demand.


Here you need to think of something you like a lot. And just liking is not enough, above all, you also need to be curious to be always reading and updating on this subject.

The mistake of many people is wanting to create content about something that is hot at the moment, but it is not a daily thing for them. This is a very big problem, as it will be very difficult for you to convince someone to buy something that you don’t even use.


Allied to passion and curiosity, we have knowledge. Of course, you don’t need to be the world’s greatest subject matter expert, nor do you need to have a degree from a reputable university. However, you need to produce quality content for your audience.

The great asset of a good car salesman is that he knows exactly how all the vehicle’s systems work. He understands everything from the fuel range to the sound system. As a result, he has the property to talk about the car at the time of sale.

Imagine that you want to buy a car and, when you arrive at the dealership, you find an unprepared salesperson who cannot answer any of your questions? You will probably look for another company to buy this car.


As stated earlier, you should not choose a product just because it is hot at the moment. But still, we are talking about a business and it needs to be profitable! If your niche is restricted to a small group of people, your sales reach will be limited.

Nowadays there are several issues that are on the rise and within these issues, there are many other topics that can be addressed. Currently, the main market niches are money, relationships and health. We will detail each of them below.

Money (business and careers)

It is the main niche in the market! Even affiliate marketing is within this niche. Here the subjects are the most diverse, we can mention:

  • investments;
  • finances;
  • financial organization;
  • sports betting;
  • create an online business;
  • make money on the internet;
  • open e-commerce;
  • financial independence;


This area comes in second as one of the most sought after. Here there are many coaches and professionals focused on personal development who create podcasts and ebooks to help people in different areas:

  • how to get a boyfriend/girlfriend;
  • tips for maintaining a healthy relationship;
  • how to dress;
  • content for singles and married;
  • how to behave on social networks;


The health and wellness niche has gained a lot of attention in recent years. Several of the people who work with this develop ebooks aimed at healthy eating. There are also professionals who develop courses to assist in the practice of exercises, among other topics:

  • healthy eating;
  • recipes for vegetarians and vegans;
  • cheap recipes;
  • weight loss tips;
  • tips for fat loss;
  • functional training;
  • tips for hypertrophy;

And there is another niche category, which are potential niches, that is, areas where there are still many issues to be explored. These niches are still growing, which makes it possible for the affiliate to rise quickly. Are they:

  • money (business and careers);
  • relationships;
  • health and wellness;
  • hobbies;
  • lifestyle and travel;

Choose a good affiliate program

A good affiliate program for an affiliate is just as important as a good investment broker for an investor. It is through this platform that the affiliate will receive his payment.

When choosing an affiliate program, pay attention to how the payment is made, the products that the platform offers and the benefits that the affiliates receive. And, above all, find out if the platform pays its affiliates on time.

Each platform works in a different way. And there are several of them: Hotmart Affiliates, UOL Affiliates and HeroSpark itself. Some will only provide the affiliate link for you to advertise, while others will even offer banners to be placed on the site. However, in relation to payment, these are the main methods:

Per sale 

It is the first among the most used payment method. Here the affiliate will only earn his commission if the sale is completed. And the bonus depends on the program and the product, depending on the choice they can generate commissions around 50%. But this is just an average, some programs quietly exceed that number.

Amazon, for example, uses the pay-per-sale method. The commission can reach up to 7%, depending on the purchase. Amazon’s advantage is that if a person arrives there through your link and ends up buying other products, you earn commission on top of everyone else.

Per click

It is one of the oldest methods. Here, the affiliate only depends on people clicking on his links to earn the commission, that is, it does not depend on the sale. It’s what Google uses, for example.

The big advantage here is the fact that the affiliate does not need to wait for the sale to be completed. Even if the customer doesn’t buy anything, he will already earn a commission. The biggest problem is the dependence of many clicks to get a good income, considering that commissions per click are lower.

Per share

It has a very high commission. In this model, the affiliate only earns something when someone clicks on his affiliate link and does some specific action on the producer’s website, such as filling out a form, for example.

Per lead

Widely used in sales involving legal entities. Here the affiliate earns a percentage for each potential customer-generated for the company.

In addition to the financial part, you need to know how each platform deals with customers. After all, if the relationship is not good, who will get the dirty name is you. As an affiliate you do not deal directly with buyers, this is the responsibility of the platform. So it is essential to know how your operator deals with customers.

See how important it is to choose a good affiliate program?

Choose a product

Now that you’ve chosen a niche and a platform to act on, you need to choose a product to be able to advertise. If you chose to produce content in the area of ​​health and well-being, it may not be interesting to sell training for dog training.

You need quality content to convince your audience to buy a particular product, that’s a fact. But some products have the ability to practically sell themselves.

Some platforms even allow you to order a copy to be able to test. But the main tip when choosing a product is: believe in it. You need to trust the developer and the product you will be working with. That way it’s even easier to publicize it.

Don’t get hung up on products that are on the rise, it won’t get you anywhere. If your niche is health and wellness, look for the best ebooks, courses and podcasts in this area and focus on them. Remember that your audience will be interested in that topic, meaning what you sell needs to be useful to them.

But now, how to attract people to your business?


It is not enough to produce quality content, this content needs to be seen. You need to generate traffic to your channel, that is, throughout the day you need to have people accessing your site or engaging with your posts on social networks.

Think of a realtor. Imagine how many people he talks to until he closes a sale. Traffic to your website is the same thing: many people will pass through your platform, but only a small percentage will become customers. In other words, the more Internet users accessing your site, the better.

However, obviously, it is not just through a website or blog that this disclosure is made. In fact, nowadays with the increase of users connected to social networks, these have become an important dissemination tool. But first let’s make a little differentiation between trades.

Organic Traffic vs. Paid Traffic

Organic traffic is traffic in which people come to your site through Google’s search engines. That is, someone searches for a certain subject and finds your platform. Paid traffic is when you need to pay to attract users to your site.

Paid traffic generates results much faster than organic. This is because, in the second option, a commitment to generate content is necessary. Some URLs can take up to three months to be read, analyzed and ranked by Google.

On the other hand, if you master SEO techniques and know how to use the right keywords for your text, this task can become easier. Another very important technique for traffic generation is copywriting, but we’ll talk about that shortly.

However, we can say that organic traffic is something much more “legitimate”. As slow as the process is, it will occur in proportion to the quality of your content. For Google search engines, organic traffic is much more respected and ranked higher.

The best way to generate organic traffic to your website is with quality content production. Also, there must be a frequency in the posts. Other factors such as paying attention to the keywords of each post, titles and presence on social networks are also fundamental.

And speaking of social media, let’s cover how affiliate marketing works on each of these platforms.

Social networks


The most popular social network, without a shadow of a doubt. It is estimated that, worldwide, there are more than 2 billion people connected to Facebook. Instagram has been growing absurdly, but in terms of user numbers, Facebook is still ahead.

This platform gives you a huge range of possibilities. One of the most valuable tools is being able to access data such as the location and age of the people who follow your page and, therefore, generate much more qualified traffic to your website.

Facebook Ads is an important weapon for anyone working as an affiliate. It is often difficult to achieve satisfactory results with just an organic reach, so you need to invest a little.

Facebook Ads are advertisements served within the social network itself. In these ads you can distinguish between recognition, consideration or conversion. That is, if you are looking for reach, you should focus on recognition. For affiliates, the best option is traffic-oriented ads, this option is within the consideration part.

Also, Facebook allows you to create groups to interact with customers. It is possible to keep the audience engaged through lives and posts in video format. And, above all, there is the possibility of creating events.

There are several success stories of affiliates earning big money just from Facebook. People who are already influential in the business and have a large following base don’t need much to sell.


It is the most dynamic social network among all the ones we will mention. On Twitter everything happens very quickly and being active on this social network is essential. But, above all, keep up to date with everything that surrounds you.

It can be used to have a closer contact with your followers, as well as posts to direct them to your website. To be relevant on Twitter, it’s important to always be making new posts.


Largest video platform in the world. On YouTube, you can take the opportunity to test your product and engage your audience. You can also publish tutorials and interviews, for example, with the owner of the product you sell.

In the rush of everyday life, many people end up not having time for long readings, so they opt for the audiovisual platform. In terms of audience, YouTube is second only to Facebook. So you can choose to make instructional videos on YouTube and qualify your audience.

You probably don’t know, but YouTube is second only to Google in search. Many users already prefer to search for videos instead of texts.

Something that has been gaining a lot of space in recent years is humor. YouTube is the perfect place for you to make videos more relaxed and thus lightly educate your audience. It is a way for you to promote your product without being aggressive.


Social network focused on photos and faster interactions. Figures from 2018 show that approximately 1 billion people have access to Instagram worldwide. Plus, it’s number one in engagement.

For these and other reasons, it is very interesting for you to publicize your affiliate links. You can be constantly feeding the social network and in contact with followers, but always highlighting what people can do to buy your product.

Instagram was responsible for 70% of sales on social networks in recent months. In addition, when it comes to mobile sales, it was responsible for 90% of purchases. In other words, it is an excellent channel for dissemination.

Instagram Ads has been a great tool used by affiliates for the past few years, some achieving huge success. Once you have a solid base of followers, with good numbers, it is much easier to promote your links. As with Facebook Ads, here you can focus on traffic to other pages and at a lower cost.

Other important tools are IGTV and Instagram stories. In the first one, you can make videos and live longer, it’s a good measure to educate your audience. In the second, the focus is on smaller videos. Instagram stories also allow you to post photos with embedded links that point to another site.


Social network focused on the corporate world. Here, in addition to engaging your audience, you can take the opportunity to meet other people in your field. On LinkedIn, it’s important that you show yourself as an authority in your business.

Plus, it’s a great place for you to post content that’s more focused on experienced leads. You will have the opportunity to delve into certain subjects and, consequently, increase the likelihood of a sale.

E-mail marketing

Email marketing is not a social network, but it is extremely important when it comes to disclosure. You’ll need to develop mechanisms to access your customers’ emails, once that’s done, just feed them with content.

For example, on your website or blog you might have a capture box. In this field, the visitor will fill in name, age, e-mail and, in exchange, will receive a digital bait, such as a free e-book with some more in-depth subjects. Okay, you helped a person and still got her contact.

Now you’ve seen that this particular person is interested in what you have to offer. If the material available is of quality, this person will surely come back to learn more. And then, with email marketing, you can keep this visitor up to date with news.

With this tool you can always be sending new posts on the site to your entire audience. You can send your own content via email, for example. As an affiliate, it is extremely important that you are close to your audience.

In addition, this tool is very important in post-sales. In addition to making the customer feel valued, he will be aware of your news and, who knows, in the future he may make another purchase with you. The SparkFunnels is the perfect platform to help you with this email automation task.


Ability to persuade your visitors to engage with your content and, consequently, become customers. Copywriting is a writing technique that aims to attract traffic to your site and influence people to perform an action within it.

There are people who are entirely dedicated to this technique, they are called copywriters. However, there is a lot of content available on the internet and, with a lot of research and effort, you can also get the hang of applying this method.

Basically, what you need to do is urge your reader to take an action. This action is not necessarily a purchase, it could be a subscription to a newsletter, for example. Through short texts and the use of mental triggers, you will influence whoever is reading to take that action.

For an affiliate to activate these triggers in their audience is very important. You need to know very well the merchandise you are seeing and, even more, the pains of your readers. That way you’ll be able to show your audience how they need that product and how you can solve their problem.

When making a copy, the language needs to be as clear as possible. If you use too many technical terms, you may not be able to captivate the reader. The key here is that you be direct, that is, directly hit the problem of whoever is reading.

HeroSpark is conducting a survey of Affiliates and Digital Content Producers to understand the pains of this audience and, most importantly, develop techniques to help Affiliates and Producers grow and sell more! To participate in the survey, simply access the link below:


We already mentioned that to start as an affiliate, the initial investment is very low, right? But still, we are talking about a business and it needs to be profitable. You need to pay attention to your sales, see if the amount of visits to your website is generating buyers, and pay attention to the ROI (return on investment).

As mentioned before, maybe the beginning is a little slow. You will need to study various SEO techniques to start achieving satisfactory results. But you need to believe in your product and, above all, in yourself.

Good luck in this endeavor! Any questions about the affiliate market, write in the comments below and we’ll be happy to answer.

Soon we come back with news. To the next!