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10 Real Estate Marketing Trends to Watch

Almost everywhere and throughout the national territory, it is now common to hear news of the frequent rebounds of the real estate market. But it is not just a question of backward bounces, because with moderate enthusiasm there is a welcome return of new buyers and foreign investors, who are entering the market at an increasing pace. However, there are several factors that have played a role in this small real estate market renaissance, all of which will help shape how real estate agents interact with clients. We the team of Blue World City islamabad are here with the 10 real estate marketing trends we can expect to see in 2016.

The main real estate marketing trends

1. Promote exclusive offers

With more quality properties available in agents’ portfolios, 2016 will continue to be characterized by a “buyer’s” market. This means that agents will be called upon to be more and more creative in how they launch their best offers.

The increase in single-family and semi-detached houses for sale has been an increasing trend since mid-2012 and is expected to continue in 2016 as well. which usually creates more headaches for agents, consequently what we will have will be portfolios with more high-quality properties, full of special and prestigious offers for Italian and especially foreign buyers.

To be successful in 2016, agents will need to understand who the buyers they are dealing with really are. When it comes to big business, the same format may not always fit everyone.

With a client’s financial situation, goals and preferences in mind, real estate agents will have to pre-filter the best deals available to them, so to speak, to ensure that these are aligned with the buyer’s needs. By showing only the houses that best fit the real financial possibilities of their client, the time to sell will decrease, and the professional will thus be able to use the time saved to search for new acquisitions and new customers.

2. Are you ready to attract young buyers?

Say what you want about the younger generation, but they need to acknowledge that they are proving to be more financially savvy than ever before. Despite the crisis, “generation Y” constitutes the highest percentage of home buyers (32%), the highest of all previous “baby boomers” combined.

In addition, Generation Y has the largest share of homeowners who have bought a home for the first time in their life, accounting for 68%, often buyers who have bought a home mainly out of the desire to own their own home and to break away. therefore from the family unit of the parents.

Local real estate agents agree in considering Millennials as those who will contribute most to a near or near-real estate recovery in Italy. In 2016, attracting these younger buyers will be fundamental for the success of each agent, who will have to rely on technologies and new applications, leaving behind traditional promotion methods, to convince young people to choose their own properties rather than those of the agency competitor.

3. Financial consultants in the agency

Many agencies are adding credit brokers and financial advisors to their internal teams. Why? Why rates should remain low for at least the whole of 2016.

The trend in interest rates, in fact, is continuing to remain low due to the ongoing geopolitical unrest in progress, which will not fail to affect inflation, with lower oil prices. This will result in more buyers and growing demand for mortgages. This activity is leading many agents to increase their staffing and partnerships with banks, with more financial brokers ensuring deals close quickly and clients can get better rate mortgages.

4. Creative gifts

After-sales interaction with owners who have already bought a home in recent years will be crucial to ensure the recruitment of second home buyers in the near future. With many agents continuing to prefer traditional gifts to their customers at the holiday season, such as baskets, magnets, and calendars, the best agents are instead called upon to venture into new creative elements.

Making a big comeback in 2016 will be hand-made greeting cards, featuring the address of your client’s new home. There will be more and more agents who as a gift will give space on their social channels to interviews with new owners accompanied by photographs and personalized thoughts, certainly low cost but often very welcome for their uniqueness, as well as for the owners’ desire to be able to talk about theirs. new home online thus sharing their emotions.

In any case, whatever the gift and the occasion in which it becomes possible and necessary to think of a gift (think not only of Christmas and New Year but also of birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, new births and any other recurrence), in 2016, creative thinking will be fundamental. Don’t underestimate this aspect!

5. Big data booming

Most economists and real estate analysts predict that house prices in Italy, especially in large cities, should stabilize and remain constant throughout 2016. Most real estate agencies, especially small ones, will have to focus on the need for having steady sales throughout the year, instead of getting lost in the dream of some sporadic big deals.

Agents focused on customer needs on whom they have prospects of earning good commissions will be the ones with the highest economic returns from the beginning of the new year, but be careful not to spend too much of your time on undecided buyers.

In addition, with comparison shopping, demographics and other ” big data ” available online covering vast areas increasingly clicked away, agents will need to put honesty first in their work, because falsified data and fake ads can be discovered easily with just a few clicks, thus ruining the reputation of those who do not perform proper property valuations and who lie about their real estate portfolio.

6. Promote photos with Pinterest

Pinterest is the ultra-visual social media platform, potentially a very effective channel for showing people your property listings, especially if you have valuable properties in your portfolio. Create a board to show all your most recent listings, still few real estate agencies are using this very promising social.

Label the boards as “New for January 2016” or “Winter Specials” and keep them up to date with eye-catching images, website links, and short descriptions.

By the way, we have created an article entirely dedicated to this “visual” social network, which will allow you to learn how to use Pinterest in the real estate sector to its fullest potential.

7. Videos and podcasts

Few real estate agents have already done it or are doing it, have you ever considered the idea of ​​creating a video that presents your agency, the services offered, your staff, your area, yourself? There are tons of creative professionals out there who could help you make a fun and innovative video. For those who do not want to spend part of their budget, nowadays it is known that there is no need for expensive equipment to create videos. If you have a smartphone that can capture decent images and has good sound quality, you should be ready to go.

Use videos to creatively breathe new life into your personal brand and image, this will definitely help you stand out from the crowd from the competition.

Another way to differentiate yourself in a technological and innovative way is the creation of podcasts. A podcast is a digital audio file that people can listen to, which does not include video. Interview customers who have previously bought or sold a property with you, or experts in renovations, interior design, gardening with whom you usually work, inviting them to talk about new market trends.

You can upload and host podcasts on your website. Promote them through social channels, email marketing and direct emails, you will be able to bring yourself as an expert in the sector and attract an increasingly large audience.

8. The importance of content

Visibility is the key to increasing brand recognition, increasing the chances that people can learn more about you, about your knowledge and skills, about your brand: let’s talk about content marketing. Creating thought leadership in your industry by creating quality content is a perfect move to make your visibility grow.

Specific and quality content also provides useful information for a target audience, allowing agents to be perceived as reliable and available real estate experts. Publish articles consistently on your website and promote them through social media. But be careful not to write low-quality content, perhaps clumsily copied from other portals: they will have the opposite effect to the desired one!

9. Strange evaluations

In choosing the houses to which they dedicate their time to find the right buyer, experienced agents pay particular attention to “external factors”, which can often translate into big business.

For example, have you heard of the Starbucks effect? Studies in the United States have shown that homes located near a Starbucks coffee shop are not only more likely to be sold than identical homes not located near Starbucks, but they also enjoy an average 30% increase in value. terms of value for a period of 15 years. Our real estate agents will be able to extend the effect to Made in Italy brands or in any case in vogue in the streets of their cities.

Another strange fact is that homes located on streets that have been given a name dedicated to a historical figure (think via Giacomo Leopardi or via Martin Luther King) nationwide tend to be 2% more valuable than those simply labeled as “Strada Statale” or “Strada Provinciale” followed by the numbering. On the contrary, for the houses at number “777”, it is usually possible to obtain a sale price of about 2% lower than their valuation.

Knowing these little tips will guide real estate agents in one particular direction rather than another when called upon to show properties for sale to potential buyers.

10. The friend of a friend of a friend

Reporting that 75% of a real estate agent’s contacts come from online referrals and word of mouth, we can say with absolute certainty that many agents still waste thousands of euros every year trying to find new contacts elsewhere. In fact, even though 82% of real estate agents have their own agency website, only 3% of total annual clients come from their site.

According to the latest data in 2015, more agents than ever are working on referrals, cultivating leads through social media and content marketing to increase their sphere of influence. Comforted by the prospects of recovery in the real estate market and by the many young Italians who are preparing to buy their first home, the scene is set for a year that promises to be that of the rebirth of the real estate sector. However, real estate agent of 2016, be careful how and where you spend your money to get new clients.

If you are an experienced real estate agent, ready to give a taste of your creative skills, and you can follow the tips described in this article, you can be sure to make more profits while helping people to get the home of their dreams.